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Go City Kids

We won the goCityKids' 2008 parents pick for BEST Indoor Play Place in Seattle. See the details here.

Kiro 7 iWitness News video link thought we are soooooo cool. Check out the video they produced.

We have been voted one of the BEST places to visit on a rainy day by Parent Map magazine "It’s the first store of its kind in the nation. Walk into Scratch Patch, located in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood, and notice that there are polished stones in all colors nearly covering the floor. Sit among the stones, dig through them and fish out what catches your eye, and repeat until you fill up a bag ..." Read the full article.

Seattle's Child magazine raved about us. They write: "I found this little gem of a place in our neighborhood in Roosevelt. The whole floor is covered with tumbled gemstones. You actually get into the stones, sit in them, play, identify them and, if you want to, buy some to take home. I have never seen my children have so much fun. My 7-year-old girl did not want to leave. ", Read the full article.

The Seattle PI put us on the front of their Business page They write: IF YOU'VE EVER strolled along a rocky beach, you know how mesmerizing pebbles can be. A gleam catches the eye and you pluck up a stone, intrigued by its marbled colors. Then another calls to you, and another, and soon you're hard-pressed to declare a favorite. Read the full article.

It is fun for the whole family!!!

Visiting Seattle? Have kids? Rock enthusiast? Then we have a great activity for the whole family. Seattle's Earth Minerals Scratch Patch is a favorite of the local media (the 2008 Parents Pick Award for BEST Indoor Play Place in Seattle), a favorite of local children of all ages and we suspect a few adults adore us too.

So what is at the Scratch Patch?

Do you like treasure hunting on the beach for shells and rocks…..well, imagine a place filled with gemstones….yes, not just any kind of rocks or stones you pick up from the beach but FANCY stones ,gemstones, rocks and minerals that jewelry are made of …..Guess what … You can sit and roll and play among these rocks, minerals and gemstones……

Everywhere you look on the floor you will just see shiny polished gemstones—it's an absolutely magical thing to see and to experience, and the look on your childrens faces will be something to capture with your camera. The floor is covered with two tones of 150 different types of gemstones, semi-precious rocks and minerals. The stones cover a beautiful play area filled with nature's beauty: real plants and birds sounds, water sounds, and rocks like: tiger eyes, carnelian, rose quartz, amethysts, snowflake obsidians, rock crystals, leopard skin stones, hematite and many, many, more...

The whole family can play in the Scratch Patch, identify stones and treasure hunt and take home the rocks they love.

Where did this AMAZING idea come from?

The Earth Minerals Scratch Patch started in South Africa and is the first of its kind in the USA. Come check out this phenomenom and make a little history for you and your kids in the first and only USA Scratch Patch.

Are you convinced?
Did I hear a YES!!!!!!!
Then come visit us!!!!!

Earth's Minerals Scratch Patch
6410 Latona Ave NE,
Seattle, WA 98116 (Map)
206-523-6164 • (Email)

Hours: Fri 11-5, Sat 11-5, Sun 11-5, Mon 11-5, Tue Closed, Wed Closed, Thu Closed

Is it expensive?

NO !!!!! It is only $2 admission per person and you guessed it—if you decide to buy a bag for yourself we decide to INCLUDE your admission fee in the price of your bag!

WE sell:

Medium bags for $8
Large bags for $15
Extra Large JUMBO bags for $25

OR just come play for $2 per person…..but we are willing to bet—your eyes will sparkle and your mouth will smile from rolling in the gemstones and minerals. In fact, you might just be so charmed with nature's beauty that you will want to remember your experience and take home a bag of your own!

For more information, visit the official Scratch Patch website: